Studio Outrigger, Inc.

A bridge connecting IPs, creators, and users from around the world

An outrigger is a piece that extends outward from the side of a boat to help give it stability to float.
It plays an integral role in the stability and maneuverability to prevent the boat from sinking.
We strive to be a company that contributes to society by becoming a trusted outrigger for the hull of the entertainment industry, passing through rough seas where the market is continually changing. That is why we’ve incorporated this concept into our logo.


Studio Outrigger develops business in Japan and overseas with a focus on the IP planning and production of anime, characters, illustration books, comics, art, creator management, and much more!

We will also promote DX business and overseas business centered on IP and creators through technology development of group company"Type Zero", 3DCG studio, and business alliance with overseas branch offices (LA, Beijing).

Business Domain


Planning and producing IP in the fileds of anime, characters, picture books, comics, and many other types of art.


Management of creators who belong and are affiliated with the group


DX business centered on IPs / creators, development of overseas business



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Our affiliate creator Kitaro Kosaka designed the “Buyu Cycle” label for the Buyu brewery, which celebrates a history of 170 years in the Japanese sake business.

Made as part of the revitalization project for young Japanese sake brewers by Ibaraki Prefecture, the Japanese sake “Buyu Cycle” received its label designed by our affiliate creator Kitaro Kosaka and is currently available around the world!

Official Website:

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5th Hustler TV Commercial “Hustler World: Wonder Drive”

The 5th TV commercial directed by affiliate creator Kitaro Kosaka, “Hustler World: Wonder Drive,” has been released!



A special stage greeting will be held at the cinematic release of ”A Turtle’s Shell is a Human’s Ribs” with one of our creators: the director/writer, Mori Masa.

Director Mori Masa as well as several voice actors from the movie will attend the stage greeting.

Official Site:


Our affiliate creator, Kitaro Kosaka, will be appearing in the documentary “Ihatov’s Map – Landscapes Reflected in the Heart,” which explores the diverse charms of Kenji Miyazawa.

Kitaro Kosaka, our affiliated creator, takes a journey on his bike to various locations in Hanamaki, Iwate, that relate to Kenji Miyazawa. “A Journey of Imaginary Sketches” depicts the daily sketches of the landscape that transcends the boundary between the visible and invisible.


[New IP]

"A Turtle’s Shell is a Human’s Ribs” Teaser Trailer

Released the official trailer of the animated feature film "A Turtle’s Shell is a Human’s Ribs," directed and written by affiliate creator Mori Masa.



An Introduction

Company Profile

Company Name Studio Outrigger, Inc.
Location 5-2-4 Lexington Plaza Nishi Gotanda, 9F
Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031 (Googlemap
Address TEL:03-6303-9695 FAX:03-6303-9376
Established April 23, 2021
CEO Noritaka Matsuuchi
Capital 5 million yen
Main Bank Mizuho Bank
Group company TypeZERO, Inc.
Supermove, Inc.
TypeZERO Beijing, Inc.
TypeZERO America, Inc.


We accept questions and work requests for the creators and services we’re affiliated with.
Please feel free to contact us from the link below.