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Leading talented creators toward the world stage

An outrigger is an attached float that extends from the side of a ship and plays a crucial role in enhancing stability and maneuverability to prevent the vessel from capsizing. We aspire to be an “outrigger” company that can navigate various rough seas together, enabling the “creator” vessel to sail the ocean and operate without borders. This vision is reflected in both our company name and logo.


[Announcement] NEW

We will be promoting our affiliated & partner creators and animation studios at Anime Expo 2024 in Los Angeles

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7th Hustler TV Commercial “Hustler World: To the place you’ve always longed to go”

[New IP]

The animated film “A NEW DAWN” directed by Yoshitoshi Shinomiya and production by Studio Outrigger, was selected for the Annecy Animation Showcase at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

[New IP]

Featuring characters created by popular voice actor Takuya Eguchi in collaboration with 81 Produce, the animation project “Egumi Legacy” has begun

[Investor Relations]

Our executive Ray Kamiya appointed as advisor to KaKa Creation specializing in AI animation.

[New IP]

License Agent Contract for the renowned creator Takashi Taniguchi’s original character, “Oshirimae Man,” kicking off the new project for this IP.

[Investor Relations]

Animation production studio opens in Musashisakai.

[New IP]

We’ve entered into a joint development agreement with Crunchyroll for the upcoming intellectual property (IP) NUMB, and the collaborative project for the United States is currently underway.


We will be collaborating with the popular Net Animator, Takashi Taniguchi, as an agent for a new project.

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6th Hustler TV Commercial “Hustler World: Driving in the Moonlight”


The new Studio Ghibli movie “How Do You Live?” to hit theaters across Japan! Directed by Hayao Miyazaki and key animation by our affiliate creator, Kitaro Kosaka.


Studio Outrigger is a production company specializing in the intellectual property (IP) business, offering a comprehensive one-stop service from business construction to creative production with a focus on IP planning and creator management. We are dedicated to creating IPs that value the artistry of creators and the identity of projects, allowing us to develop our business without borders.

Business Domain


IP planning and production of animations, characters, picture books, comics, music, art and more


Management of affiliated and partnered creators and discovery of talented young creators


Video production utilizing animations and AI generated video for theater, online distribution, TV, commercial advertisements, short clips for social media, etc.


Develop and establish new businesses and companies utilizing IPs and creators


Offer advice and consultation for IP business


Affiliate Creator

Kitarou Kosaka


Contracted Project Creators

Takashi Okazaki

Takashi Taniguchi

Board Member


Ray Kamiya

Company Profile

Company Name Studio Outrigger, Inc.
Musashisakai Animation Studio(Head Office) 2-2-20 Square Musashisakai 4F
Musashisakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0022 (Googlemap
Tokyo Office 5-2-4 Lexington Plaza Nishi Gotanda, 9F
Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031 (Googlemap
Los Angeles Office 3868 W. Carson st. Suite 220 Torrance Executive Plaza, Torrance, CA 90503 (Googlemap
Address TEL:+81-3-6303-9695
Established April 23, 2021
Chief Executive Officer Noritaka Matsuuchi
Representative Executive Officer
Ray Kamiya
Capital 10 million yen
Main Bank Mizuho Bank
Business Overview 1. Planning and production on IP projects
2. The discovery and management of creators
3. Video production utilizing animations
4. Develop new businesses utilizing IPs and creators
5. Offer consultation for IP business
Group company TypeZERO, Inc.


We accept questions and work requests for the creators and services we’re affiliated with. Please feel free to contact us from the links below.

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